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Bangladesh Medina Fashion is a garments Exporters of todays world. From its Foundation 2002, it is specializing in manufacturing all kinds of knitted garments with a Quality wears to suit the most sophisticated customers taste, demand and ever changing fashion.

Competitive price:

we offer always the choice of customer price and Quality value which we believe the customer opinion. So that we can make long time business Relationship.

Sample development:

It is the most sophisticated first work. So we value it. Our experience and skilled workforce is so enthusiastic to develop and produce customer’s prototype sample from the specifications / technical sheets within a couple of days.

Raw materials:

we have a group of professional suppliers who supply our row materials like yarn, fabric and accessories. We are also flexible to accept our customer’s suppliers on Row materials.

Time action:

Our experience professionals like knitting, dyeing, production, packaging section always had allocated time on orders. So that we can ensure to deliver each shipment before on time.

Quality control:

A well organized group of professional leads our QC section. They check raw materials, sample, fabrics, measurement, production, accessories, packaging etc.

We respect always International Inspection standards so that the specification / technical sheets of the buyers fulfilled.